Sunday, August 21, 2011

After sooooo long!

Nail tek foundation II, china glaze for audrey, bm 221 image plate, konad black polish and seche vite top coat
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Varnish Vixen Giveaway!

Varnish Vixen is hosting an amazing spring giveaway

China Glaze Holos, OPI Katy Perry Collection and more

You can check about it here

Good luck!


Busy but having fun!

I know I'm terrible...more than a month without posting...
It's been busy for me...and I have to accept, I've been lazy during my free time...
This is a short post to let everyone know I'm still alive hahaha
Yesterday I have some friends over at my place for nails, coffee and soesjes (dutch pastry).
This is the result on Janice's mani-pedi

mani: miss sporty pink and white bundle monster tips with white konad polish
pedi: barry m yellow with light blue crackle on top

both with nail tek foundation II as basecoat and seche vite top coat.

I enjoy so much doing my friends nails...even more than doing mine...since my cuticules are having such horrible season, I think this is the biggest reason I haven't posted any swatches because I have purchased quite some polishes later...

I got to find one of the China Glaze OMG polishes I didn't have LOL (purple holo) on Marktplaats (dutch Ebay) and I find just so holos!

Also I purchased again from Nailetc some goodies.

I got OPI Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection

Show it and Glow It from OPI Burlesque Collection

Orly Halleys Comet from the FX Cosmic Collection

And waiting for my China Glaze Crackle polish in white since it was out of stock :(

In a local store I got one of the Catrice's Floralista Limited Edition Collection in Pink Spring (muted pink with soft purple undertone)

And a couple of Essence Whoom Booom!! Collection Chacalaca (purple) 

and Roy's Red (which looks more like a cherry pink)

I ordered at Alice and Jo Havesentials the two new Instant Effects Barry M Crackle Polish in Pink 

and Light Blue

Both are great spring colors and now with the warmer sunny weather they cheer up my day...

Spring besos,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New goodies!

A while ago I found a local (dutch) site that sells all the nail polish brands I like and made some picks. I wanted to try getting polishes here since buying them online from USA can take a while for delivery and this site counts with the polishes I wanted to get.

I was looking for good non konad stamping polishes and a couple of colors I was craving for.

For konading I picked from China Glaze Khrome and Romantique Collections:

2030, Adore and Harmony (I purchased from a USA site China Glaze Millenium also in the photo)

And from Color Club:
Snakeskin (Untamed Luxury Collection)
and the popular Revvvolution from the Femme Fatale Collection (which many blogs claim to be the closest dupe to the holographic almost imposible to find version of OPI My private jet) I have the regular one and still find it a beautiful color, but definitely the other one is just perfection.

And a big bottle of black Konad stamping polish.

The site is

I liked that they give you the option of choosing for package sending costs or regular post envelope (under your own risk). This can make your order much more cheaper. Delivery was quick and well packed.

I'm very happy with my do you like them?



Monday, February 21, 2011

Seche Vite & Seche Restore...the golden duo

Sometimes I think and I just can't remember how was life before Seche Vite fast drying Top Coat :D

Doing nails was kind of a tedious long wait until you were able to start doing things without ruining your freshly made manicure.

I discovered Seche through blogs and youtube gurus and found it here in some e-tailers in Holland, but at quite high price compared to USA.

So my Ebay adventure started.

I found the Seche Vite Professional Kit at a great price (around 20 euro included shipping) if compared with the 6 euro that costs the small bottle here. The kit contains one 14ml Seche Vite bottle, a 118ml glas bottle and a plastic nozzle. I refilled my bottle around 4 times already and I haven't used half of the big one yet. 

Also I purchased the Seche Restore Professional Kit. The kit contains a glass bottle containing 59ml of Restore and a drop dosificator.
Restore is a polish thinner. I had some bottles that were all goopie and not good enough to do my nails since were just too thick to apply them evenly.

Also the fact that Seche Vite top coat gets thicker after a while, so I wanted to give it a try.

I have a beautiful glitter polish from Art de Lautrec, which after a couple of applications became very thick and difficult to apply

I added to the polish bottle between 5 to 8 drops (depends of how thick the polish is, you have to try and keep addding as needed) and rolled the bottle between my hands.

It worked wonders! as the name says, it restores the original consistence of the polish.

I am very pleased with this two products. They deliver what they offer, a ultra quick dry and shiny top coat and a great polish thinnner.

Now I'll keep "restoring" the bottles that need it...just an excuse to look around my little treasures :D

Have a good one!